1st Edition HB 2010

Operation Market Garden Book

This is the remarkable true story of a young army glider pilotís experience of
the last days in the defence of Arnhem Bridge, his eventual capture and then escape
to be adopted by the Resistance, the hair-raising journey through occupied Europe
and his eventual return to the UK.
After capture Freeman was first taken to Apeldoorn where he was hospitalized,
claiming shell-shock. Although quite sane, he feigned trauma with escape in mind,
until being punished for aiding the escape of four Allied inmates. Then he was put
on a train bound for Germany, from this he escaped and eventual made contact with
the Dutch underground. He is given civilian cloths and a bicycle and rides overnight
to Barnveld where he stays with a schoolmaster and church organist.
Then another cycle ride to a farm where he sleeps in the hayloft and finally still
on his bike, he rides through the German front lines. He eventually is returned
to RAF Broadwell by Dakota to resume his part in the war, from capture
to freedom within a month.

The text is interspersed with flashbacks to the authorís childhood and early training,
capturing the true spirit of a typical modest and yet outstandingly brave
young man of the wartime era.

Written by Godfrey John Freeman, born 4th June 1924 in Hook Norton, Oxfordshire;
Died 9th January 1999 peacefully in The Churchill Hospital, Oxford, Leaving his two
sons Mark and Karl and their mother, his former wife, Sheila Freeman