Limited Edition of 250 copies HB 1956

Operation Market Garden Book

Hardback without dustjacket. Published in 1956 in Holland by
"Van Loghum Slaterus". Printer N/K. Written by Georges Duhamel, Stanley Maxted,
Karl Zuhorn and Bernard Verhoeven. No ISBN number. This particular book
is No.61 of a limited edition of 250. This book contains the recollections of 4 different people who witnessed the
Battle of Arnhem from different viewpoints. Stanley Maxted was a reporter who
spent the entire 9 days of the battle with the 1st Airborne Division and
who's reports, sent from the battlefield, have become part of Arnhem folklore.
His section of the book deals with his experiences when he returned to Arnhem
many years later to see how the town had recovered from the war years.