1st Edition HB 1995

Operation Market Garden Book

Hardback with dustjacket. First published in the UK in 1995 by
"Images Publishing (Malvern) Ltd". Printer N/K. Written by Mathew Hall.
This book follows the military career of Martin Herford from his commission
into the RAMC in 1941, through Egypt, Greece, North Africa, Sicily and Arnhem.
Newly qualified, Herford was one of those who volunteered to go to the aid of the
Spanish republicans during the Spanish Civil War. When war broke out he tried to
join the Royal Army Medical Corps but his was a reserved occupation. Determined to
be involved, he joined the Finnish volunteers but was caught up in a conflict of
petty bureaucracy. He left and travelled across Russia to the Middle East and Egypt
where he was finally able to join the RAMC. He was posted to Greece and was awarded
an MBE for his work with the evacuating British troops. Next the Western Desert where
he rose to command a Motor Ambulance Convoy until the British victory at Alamein.
Then to France in command of 163 Field Ambulance which followed the Operation Market Garden advance.
Although not directly involved in the fighting at Arnhem he did cross the Rhine into
the British perimeter but was captured by the Germans. He then became instrumental
in persuading the Germans to allow the Airborne to establish a hospital at Appeldoorn.
He later escaped and returned to Allied lines. For this he was awarded the DSO.

Other Editions:
2nd Edition. Hardback with dustjacket. Published in August 1998 by "Opal Books".
Printer N/K. ISBN number 1902587006. Same Cover as 1st Edition.