PB 1st Edition 1999
Diary Mrs Haverkorn

57 pages, published by Heemkunde Renkum. Extract of the diary of Mrs Haverkorn. This booklet covers the period from 17 September
till 21 October 1944 and the villages Renkum, Bennekom and Ede.
On the 17th of September after the airlandings she first sees 2 despatch riders followed
later by British troops. On the 18th she describes how German troops are entering her
village and start fighting with the British. After the Battle of Arnhem the village
was shelled by allied troops from across the Rhine and the houses were looted by the Germans
although the people still lived in their houses. On the 1st of October the village of Renkum had to evacuate.
Mrs Haverkorn first went to the village Bennekom but due to the shelling it was there also unsafe.
She stayed for a short period in Ede and then went to friends in Rotterdam where she suffered from
the hungerwinter.