Operation Market Garden Book

Hardback with dustjacket. First published in 2005 in the UK by "Helion & Co.". Printer N/K.
Written by Albert Blockwell (edited by Maggie Clifton). ISBN number 1874622132.
Blockwell was originally conscripted into the Royal Army Ordnance Corps, was then
transferred to the King's Own - then a home defence corps in London, then served on
the Shetland islands as part of the Orkney & Shetlands Defence Force. The unit was then
posted to Lincolnshire as the third infantry unit in the 1st Airlanding Brigade.
In September 1944 he flew in Operation Market-Garden and was taken prisoner on the last day.
His memoirs were written in a POW Camp.

The Author:1919-2001
Albert was born in 1919 in Stockton, the only son of Albert and Eva. He enjoyed his trade
as a mechanic, then enlisted in the Army in the Royal Army Ordnance Corps, advancing these skills.
In March 1940 he was posted to a pre-war Territorial unit - The 7th Kings Own Scottish Borderers,
then a Home Defence unit based near London. Albert remained with this unit for all his wartime
service. In 1943 the unit was posted to Lincolnshire to become the third infantry unit in
the 1st Airlanding Brigade, then in the process of returning from Italy with the rest of the
1st Airborne Division. Swapping their Glengarries for red berets, Albert and his comrades had
to adapt to their new way of getting to war by glider. Then in September 1944 Albert flew to Arnhem.
Taken prisoner on the last day, Albert spent the rest of the war as a POW.