1st Edition HB 1984 276 Pages
Account of an Officer of the 156th Battalion

Operation Market Garden Book

1993 Issue
Pen and Sword Books Ltd
Operation Market Garden Book

Hardback with dustjacket. First published in the UK in 1984 by "Buchan & Enright Publishers Ltd."
Printed by "The Pitman Press". Written by Geoffrey Stewart Powell(1914-2005).
Operation MARKET GARDEN, the bold Allied attempt in 1944 to seize three major river crossings
including the bridge over the Rhine at Arnhem, remains one of the most controversial operations
of the Twentieth Century. Thus it is no surprise that it has been extensively written up by
historians and soldiers alike. Of the many published accounts none has been more widely acclaimed
than The Devil's Birthday, first published in 1984, and it is no coincidence that its Author,
Colonel Geoffrey Powell MC, is both a distinguished historian and a veteran of the battle.
The operation may have failed but the feats of arms by the three airborne divisions involved
(the US 83rd and 101st and the British 1st Airborne) were, and will forever remain, legendary.
The contribution of the Dutch civilians too was, as this book describes, truly remarkable,
as was the great gallantry of the Polish troops involved. The Germans also emerge with credit;
there was considerable mutual respect born from the bitter fighting. As well as being a graphic
and accurate account of the action, The Devil's Birthday pulls no punches in describing how
over-ambitious and flawed planning, inter-allied rivalry, human error and sheer bad luck all
had disastrous consequences.