1st Edition PB 2009

Operation Market Garden Book

Hardback. Published in the UK in 2009 by "Thoroton Publishing Ltd.". Printed by
"The Charlesworth Group". Written by John Patrick O'Reilly.
This book is a "living history" based on extensive discussions with men who served
in the 156 Parachute Battalion, their families and members of the Dutch Resistance.
The Battalion's story, in particular the events at Arnhem, is clarified and brought to
life by these previously unpublished accounts. The fortunes of 12 young soldiers from
the Battalion are traced throughout, giving a vivid and human focus.
The narrative follows the formation of the Battalion in India in 1941, when parachuting
to war was a new and relatively untried concept. The Battalion was later transferred to
Egypt, Palestine, and then Tunisia for further training and in 1943 saw action against
the Germans for the first time as part of the Allied invasion of Italy.
The defining moment in the 156 Battalion's war was on 18th September 1944, when they
flew to Arnhem as part of the 1st Airborne Division during Operation Market Garden.
The details of the Battalions' role and the individual actions of its members are
followed closely throughout the ferocious eight day battle and its aftermath, including
Operations Pegasus I and II, illuminating the courage and dedication of the paratroopers
of the 156 and the Dutch Resistance.
The Author's father, also John O'Reilly was a member of the Battalion and fought with
them at Arnhem.