1st Edition 2011
De zeer schone uren - Bob Castendijk

In the bookshops on: 5 November 2011. Available for pre-order
Written by Bob Castendijk, 160 pages, 100 photos. ISBN=9789490834449
Editors: Geert Maassen, Hans Timmerman, Robert Voskuil.
In the summer of 1944 Mr Castendijk decides to move to Oosterbeek with his
4 sons because the situation in Rotterdam has become to desperate.
He stayed in a home at the "Ommershof" estate in the north-west corner of Oosterbeek.
From 1 september on his son Bob keeps a diary - he is then 15 years old - and he
accurate writes down his experiences and observations.
Despite his young age he has an extensive knowledge of everything that has to do with the war.
Unique photos wich he made during his walks through the village are, amongst other photos,
part of this book.
Very special is also the fact that Castendijk could stay in the village until November 1944,
so he was able to report about the situation in the almost abandoned village.