1st Edition PB 1984

Operation Market Garden Book

Paperback. Published in Holland in 1984 by "Openluchtmuseum". Printer N/K. Written by Piet H. Huisman.
No ISBN number. This book, which is written in both Dutch and English, is the diary of Piet Huisman
covering the period September 17th to October 22nd 1944. Huisman lived, with his family
on the Northern outskirts of Arnhem and this diary gives a graphic account of the families
initial joy at the Airborne landings, which they think means their liberation is at hand,
followed by the realisation that things have gone badly wrong. It then chronicles their suffering,
along with thousands of other Dutch civilians as they fight to survive the "Hunger Winter"
forced upon them when the Germans make them leave their homes and flee to the surrounding areas.