De oorlogsjaren 1940-1945 Mesker

Written by F.A.J. Mesker. Year N/K but between 1945-1950. Publisher N/K, 313 Pages
This book is about the "Air Raid Defence Service"(LBD in Dutch) responsible for the region Renkum,
Heelsum, Doorwerth. They were situated in Renkum but when all the people of the village
had to evacuate on the 1st of October 1944 the Service moved to Ederveen
The book covers the period from 17 September 1944 up to june 1945. The service carried out tasks
on behalf of the evacuees who were forced to leave their homes. Between 26 September and 1 october
there were about 5000 evacuees from Oosterbeek, Doorwerth and Heveadorp in the village of Renkum.
Despite this the allied Artillery fire on the village became heavier with the day. Part of the Service
was also Jan Peelen, responsible for the transport of food. He performed this task already during the Battle
when he visited Wolfheze to see what the people needed. As one of the few who were allowed to stay behind
after the evacuation of Renkum he played an important role in "Operation Pegasus".