223 Pages 24X15.5 CM

Operation Market Garden Book

Hardback with dustjacket. First published in the UK in 1976 by "George Weidenfeld & Nicolson Ltd.".
Printed by "Redwood Burn Ltd.". Written by Leo Heaps. ISBN number 0297770799.
The author was a Canadian in the 1st British Airborne Division that dropped on Arnhem
in September 1945. The Battle of Arnhem was a disaster and after several days 8,000 of
the 10, 000 man division were killed, wounded or captured. This book is the story of a
group of 250 paratroopers who were hidden by the Dutch underground and in small groups,
assisted by the resistance, made their way back across the Rhine River and to Allied lines.
The author himself was captured trying to escape. After two days he jumped from a German
bound train and eventually made it to freedom.