de collectie boeree

Ringbound booklet, published by the "Arnhem Municipal Archive" in 1992. Printer N/K.
Written by P.R.A. van Iddekinge. No ISBN number, 30 pages.
This Dutch language booklet describes the collection of the Dutch historian Theodoor Boeree.
His collection is given to the Arnhem Archive wich is now part of the Gelderland archive(Gelders Archief)
It gives a detailed overview of his publications, the maps he drawed of the battlefield and his
correspondence with others about the Battle of Arnhem.
It also gives an overview of the military career of Colonel Theodoor Boeree and how he after
his career became a military historian.
He also researched the resistance on the Veluwe and the way the Germans reacted on this. His documentation
covers the period 1940-1945.