1st Edition 2004

Operation Market Garden Book

27 Pages Booklet. First published in September 2004 by "The Co-operative Group".
Printer N/K. Written by Geoff Simpson. No ISBN number.
This 30 page "glossy" booklet was published to commemorate the sixtieth anniversary year
of the raid on Arnhem. The Author, Geoff Simpson, has written, spoken and broadcast on
the role of the RAF in the Second World War for many years. He has published two previous
booklets on RAF topics and is a Trustee of the Battle of Britain Memorial Trust which
maintains the National Memorial to the aircrew of the Battle of Britain at Capel le Ferne
on the White Cliffs of Dover.
The booklet has sections on Prologue, The Village, The Aircraft, The Airfield, Arnhem,
The Victoria Cross Winner, The Memories, Epilogue and a Thank You section.
Some excerpts from the booklet include the following:
Tragedy is never far away, even in training. On 25 March two of 271's Daks collided
in mid-air. Sergeant Moody managed to land his aircraft, but that of Flight
Sergeant Sanderson crashed..... - The Airfield
People who remembered David Lord recall a shy, quiet man who, nonetheless, commanded
popularity and respect. - The Victoria Cross Winner.
This didn't go down well with the chap who told me that his name was Jimmy Edwards.
He didn't want to be called "Sir" either. - Flight Lieutenant Bernard Hyde,
AE talking about Flight Lieutenant Jimmy Edwards, an ebullient personality,
who won the DFC during the Arnhem operation and went on to a major show business
career as a musician, comedian and actor.