1st Edition PB 1945

Operation Market Garden Book

Paperback. Published in Rome in 1945 by the Cultural and Press Department of
the Polish 2nd Corps, printed on field printing presses. Text is Polish.
Written by Marek Swiecicki. No ISBN number.
This is a graphic description of the part played in the battle at Arnhem by the
1st Polish Parachute Brigade Group. Swiecicki was a Polish war correspondent attached
to the Brigade. Part of the brigade was landed by gliders on September 18th,
the second day of the operation, on the northern bank of the Rhine, close to Arnhem.
Accompanying this group, he was an eye-witness of the fight put up by the British
Airborne Division and the Polish Parachute Brigade during the following seven days.
He was present at the landings made by the Polish brigade later in the week,
and shared all the anxieties and uncertainties of the crucial days when the brigade
was scheduled to seize the crossing of the Rhine and link up with the British Division.
Until that was achieved only part of the brigade, taken across to Holland in gliders,
and suffering heavy losses, had been able to fight at the side of their British comrades.
The author was an army journalist who dropped with the Poles at the Battle of Arnhem.