1st Edition HB 2009

Operation Market Garden Book

Hardback with dustjacket. First published in the UK in 2009 by
"Simon & Schuster Ltd". Printed by "CPI Mackays". Written by James Delingpole.
Fiction. Lt Dick Coward returns to join Operation Market Garden in this
thrilling sequel to Coward on the Beach. Trapped in a cupboard with a nubile
blonde nymphomaniac; crossing the Waal under a hail of fire with the US
paratroops of 82nd airborne; rattling in a jeep through the Dutch countryside
with the men of 1st Airborne Recce Squadron; trying to take out a self-propelled
gun with a ruddy useless PIAT. It's all in a day's work for Lt Dick Coward and
Sgt Tom Price on their second published adventure. After the horrors of D-Day,
they find themselves plunged into even greater chaos and mayhem as they land in
the deceptively tranquil countryside around Arnhem, Holland, as part of
Operation Market Garden. What should be a pushover - the ingenious scheme that
everyone thinks will end the war by Christmas - turns into Britain's biggest
military disaster of the Second World War. But if it's a cock-up, by golly is
it a glorious one. Rarely if ever have Allied soldiers acquitted themselves
better than the British, Americans and Poles, as they fought against the might
of the SS, in their bid to capture 'The Bridge Too Far." As usual Coward and
Price are in the thick of it. They have to be. If Coward doesn't get a VC this
time, he'll be booted off the family estate for good, and stand no chance of
winning the heart of the fickle, dangerously beguiling Gina. Will he get the
medal? Will he get the girl? Will Price be driven so mad by his master's
Bertie Wooster-like stupidity that he ends up throttling him first?

The Author:
James Delingpole is a journalist, broadcaster and author of six books including
"How To Be Right, Thinly Disguised Autobiography", and the Dick Coward series.
He writes for the "Daily" and "Sunday Telegraph", "The Daily Mail",
"Mail On Sunday", "The Sunday Times", "The Times" and
"The Independent On Sunday" on everything from rock to culture to politics and
gardening. He is married with children and lives in South London.

1st PB Edition 2010 ISBN number 9781847393869

Published in the UK in April 2010 by "Pocket Books"

Operation Market Garden Book