1st Edition Softback 1981

Written bij Charles Douw van der Krap, printed by Vonk-Zeist B.V.
Published in Belgium by the "Standaard uitgeverij Antwerpen" 1981
Published in Holland by "van Holkema en Warendorf" 320 Pages.
This book contains 34 Chapters from wich 6 chapters(45 Pages) are dedicated to Mr. Krap's
experiences as a resistance fighter in the Arnhem area.
The Chapters are:

24 - Bij de LKP in Arnhem(With the LKP in Arnhem)
25 - Het onverwachte langverwachte(The unexpected where we were waiting for)
26 - In dienst van de Airbornes(My service with the Airbornes)
27 - Het debacle(The debacle)
28 - Een balance(A balance)
29 - Operatie Pegasus(Operation Pegasus)

Charles Douw van der Krap was a Marine Officer who was arrested by the Germans
in 1940 and sent to the prisoncamps Juliustburg and Colditz. After 13 escape attempts
he ended up in Stanislau prison in the Ukraine where he managed to escape through a tunnel
with 2 other prisoners.
After the Battle of Arnhem he was involved with Operation Pegasus and escaped to England.
This book covers his experiences during the whole war from 1940 to 1945.

Charles Douw van der Krap and Prince Bernard of the Netherlands 1949
Charles Douw van der Krap