Capture at Arnhem

Hardback with dustjacket. First published in the UK in October 2013 by "Pen & Sword".
Printed by "CPI Group". Written by Norman Hicks. ISBN number 9781783030330.
This is the biography of Sapper Thomas Hicks, written by his son, Norman. Tom served in
the 1st Parachute Squadron, Royal Engineers in N. Africa, Sicily and Arnhem where he was
wounded and taken POW. The story follows his early life on the railways in the 1930s,
through enlistment, training as a paratrooper, wartime service, imprisonment and his return
to the LMS as an engine driver. The intensity and rigours of parachute training are described
in detail, as are the comradeship and humour that came to the fore of this small 150-man unit