1st Edition PB 1999

Operation Market Garden Book

> Paperback. First published in the UK in 1999 by "The Windrush Press".
Printed by "Interprint Ltd.". Written by Capt. Harry Roberts.
Captain Harry Roberts of the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers was landed
by glider at the fateful battle of Arnhem in September 1944. The moment he landed,
he came under fire and received a disabling bullet at the base of his spine and other
injuries. This extraordinary memoir is his distillation of his wartime diaries and
incorporates information on his training, his capture at Arnhem and his subsequent
experience as a POW incarcerated deep in the German countryside. As a soldier he was
brave and resourceful and blessed with a robust sense of humor. Capture at Arnhem
shows all the chaos of war, the bitterness of defeat and the sheer will to live.
As an officer and prisoner of war Captain Roberts was reasonably well treated but
this did not spare him from the vicissitudes of war, witnessing, for instance starved
and broken women acting as slave laborers for the Nazis. His account vividly conveys
the kaleidoscope of emotions that all prisoners suffer and the debilitating effects
of ever-present pangs of hunger. Tempered with humor and common sense, this is a
story that despite its apparent bleakness is still a joy to read.