1st Edition HB 1992

Code Word Canloan

Hardback with dustjacket. First published in Canada in 1992 by "Dundurn Press Ltd.".
Printed by "Gagne Printing Ltd.".
This book, written by a former CANLOAN officer, gives a complete history of the
Canloan scheme whereby Canadian Army officers served with the British Army.
The book chronicles all the major engagements in which these officers took part
from D-Day right up to the end of WW2. It also covers the occupation of Germany
and finally the repatriation of the men. One entire chapter, chapter 9, covers the
Canloan officers who fought at Arnhem.

The Author:
Wilfred I. Smith, OC, CD, MA, PhD, DCL, FSAA, served in the Canadian and British
Armies as a CANLOAN officer. He was Dominion Archivist of Canada from 1968 to 1984
and participated in national and international associations.
He is an Officer of the Order of Canada.