Boats, Bridges and Valour

Paperback. First privately published in Canada in 2008. Printed by Doculink International.
Written by Russell and Elizabeth Kennedy. No ISBN number.
This book tells the story of the 23rd Field Co, RCE and its exploits throughout WW2.
The story is told by Russell Kennedy who served with the unit and uses the extensive
diaries of Major Michael Tucker, the units CO.
Russ Kennedy was Reconnaissance Officer for 23rd Field Company throughout the NW Europe campaign.
His "force" consisted of Recce Sgt. Don Barnes, plus driver Buck McKee and his jeep.
During the rescue of the Airborne survivors, Sgt. Barnes was severely wounded and
Buck McKee was killed. After the war, Russ became a lecturer in Civil Engineering at
Queen's University. Over the span of 40 years, he served the university in many capacities,
including that of Vice-Principal. During the Post-War years he worked with the COTC, commanding
the unit from 1951-58 and retiring as a Lt.-Col.
Russ Kennedy passed away in 2010 aged 93.