2013 Kindle Edition
Boats at Arnhem

2014 Paperback Edition
Boats at Arnhem

First released as an "E Book" for Kindle devices in 2013. Compiled by John Sliz.
This isn't a `What If?', but more of `What Should Have Been Done' as it examines
what resources the Royal Engineers had and didn't have at Arnhem and how these boats
should have been used. After researching and writing eight books on the engineers
during Operation Market Garden, a number of overlooked factors became apparent.
This report examines why these factors were overlooked by the planners and gives
three scenarios of how boats could have been used successfully during the battle.

First paperback version. Published in Jan 2014 in English by "Travelogue 219".
Written by John Sliz. Printer N/K. ISBN number 9781927679081.
This is a collection of articles and essays mostly on the engineers of World War II.
The subjects range from the Battle of Arnhem to the surrender of Germany in The Netherlands
as viewed by the Royal Canadian Signals. Story titles include: Boats at Arnhem,
Bob Tate's Bridge Into the Apple Orchard, The Martin Bridge and The Night Waal Crossing.

Russ Kennedy