There are 4 Parts of this book about Wolfheze and the
South-Veluwe, a total of 1387 Pages

Hardback without dustjacket. First self published in Dutch in Holland in December 1996.
Printed by "Tamminga Siegers". Written by Cor Janse. ISBN number 9080356719.
This book focuses on the Battle of Arnhem and how it impacted upon the civilians
in the Wolfheze area.

Blik Omhoog Wolfheze
Blik Omhoog Wolfheze
Blik Omhoog Wolfheze

Part1 Is about the period 1940-1945
Part2 Is about 1944 and the Battle of Arnhem
Part3 Is about the evacuation and liberation of Wolfheze and the South-Veluwe
Part4 Is a Supplement