1st Edition HB 1990

Operation Market Garden Book

> Hardback with dustjacket. First published in the UK in 1990 by
"Sidgwick & Jackson". Printed by "Billings & Son Ltd.". Written by
Edward Monroe-Jones.
Of the ten thousand soldiers who fought at Arnhem in 1944, fewer than two
thousand survived, yet out of the carnage came heroism and sacrifice and a
fellow-feeling between enemies. These forces form the basis of this novel,
which tells the story of a wounded paratrooper who lay among the dying in a
Dutch hospital, only to find himself transformed by a chance encounter and
bound to Arnhem ever after.

The Author:
Edward Monroe-Jones has been an avid amateur historian for many years,
conducting research pertaining to the American Civil War and the
Second World War. He served as an enlisted man and later as an officer in US
submarines during the Korean War. Upon obtaining a doctorate from the
University of Southern California, he served as a management consultant before
turning his attention to presenting history as literature.