1st Edition 2011
Battelfield general Arnhem 1944

This is the first in a series of game books which put you in command of the forces
in engaged in some of history's most famous battles. Your tactical skill and ability
to make the right command decision will be tested at every turn of the page.
Operation Market Garden in September 1944 was one of the most daring Allied plans
of the Second World War. An audacious surprise assault from the air, it was intended
to give the Allies a bridgehead across the Rhine, removing the last significant natural
barrier on the road to Berlin. If successful it might have shortened the war by months.
Will the brave British paratroopers be able to seize the vital bridge at Arnhem and hold it
until reinforcements fight their way through? Or will the Germans be able to recover the
initiative and crush them in a skillful counterattack? The book presents you with a series
of command decisions, aided by situation maps; directing you to the next relevant briefing
depending on the option you choose. No dice are necessary to play, just this book and your
tactical skill. When you buy this book, the fate of nations is in your hands.