1st Edition PB 2014

Battle memories of dday and Arnhem

Paperback. First published in the UK in March 2014 by "FastPrint Publishing".
Printer N/K. Written by Bryan Tomblin. ISBN number 9781780357317.
The author was a member of the Glider Pilot Regiment during World War 2.
After landing a glider on D-Day at Ranville, he returned to this country,
and on Sunday 17th September 1944, he flew Glider Chalk No.220 from RAF Down Ampney to Arnhem.
Took off at 09.41, towed by Dakota No: KG500, piloted by Major Joubert of the
South African Air Force RAF. Landed in a field near Oosterbeek at 15.21 hrs,
carrying 21 officers and men of the King's Own Scottish Borderers.
Tomblin fought through the whole battle and was finally captured on the 26th September,
after the main body of troops had been evacuated over the Rhine.
Tomblin was taken to a P.O.W. Camp in Poland - Stalag Luft 7 - from where he walked
almost to BERLIN in 1945 and returned to England on the 15th May 1945.