Dutch edition of the book 'Arnhem 1944 The Airborne Battle'
504 Pages

Operation Market Garden Book

2004 Commemorative Dutch Edition
504 Pages

Operation Market Garden Book

Hardback with dustjacket. First published in the UK in 1994 by "Viking Books Ltd.".
Printed by "Clays Ltd.". Written by Martin Middlebrook. ISBN number 0670835463.
This study consists of detailed research and a series of interviews with British,
Polish and German participants in the battle, as well as the Dutch civilians who
were caught up in the conflict.

The Author:
Martin Middlebrook (born 1932) is a British military historian and Fellow of the
Royal Historical Society.
He wrote his first book The First Day on the Somme (1971) following a visit to the
First World War battlefields of France and Belgium in 1967. This detailed study of
the single worst day for the British Army remains a classic. Middlebrook gave the
same single-day treatment to 21 March 1918, the opening of the German Spring Offensive,
in The Kaiser's Battle.
Middlebrook's Second World War books concentrate on the air war. A number of them again
deal with a single day of action (The Nuremberg Raid, The Schweinfurt-Regensburg Mission
and The Peenemünde Raid) while others cover longer air battles (The Battle of Hamburg
and The Berlin Raids).
Middlebrook also wrote two books on the Falklands War, one from the British perspective
and one from the Argentine perspective.

Middlebrook has a daughter living in Calgary, Alberta. One of his uncles, Sergeant Andrew Crick,
who served with the 1/4th Lincolns of the 46th (North Midland) Division, was fatally
wounded in October 1915.

The First Day on the Somme (1971)
The Nuremberg Raid (1973)
The Kaiser's Battle (1978)
The Battle of Hamburg (1980)
The Peenemünde Raid (1982)
The Schweinfurt-Regensburg Mission (1983)
The Falklands War, 1982 (1985) first published as Operation Corporate
The Berlin Raids (1988)
The Bomber Command Diaries
The Somme Battlefields
Arnhem 1944
Your Country Needs You
The Fight for the Malvinas