1st Edition HB 2003

Operation Market Garden Book

179 Pages with many photos
This book tells the History from the Hospitals in Apeldoorn from 1886 to 2003
Those hospitals played an important role during and after the Battle of Arnhem
It is about the 4000 wounded soldiers who were tended in the Hospitals, Schools,
the Palace and Barracks in Apeldoorn during the War.
About the dilemma the doctors had wether they should help German wounded too or not.
About the Head-Nurse who didn't want strange nurses to help although they where short in Nurses.
It tells about the hundreds of evacuated civillians who came there after the Battle of Arnhem and about the drinking parties of German Doctors in the Hospitals. Also about the liberation when all the Nurses sang the National Hymne on a beautiful
sunny day in the spring.