American Eagles 101st Airborne Division

Hardcover, 192 Pages
'AMERICAN EAGLES' is the thrilling, true story of the US 101st Airborne Division.
From their rigorous training in 'Old Jolly' (England) to their first operational jump
in Normandy, Whiting tells the story of this 'Band of Brothers', who fought, suffered
and died in the eleven month campaign that followed. From Normandy through Holland,
Bastogne, French Alsace till their final date with destiny at Hitler's Eagle's Nest
in the Bavarian Alps, we gain a picture of a brave elite division 'warts and all'.
Drawing on his own youthful experiences when his regiment was under the command of
101st Airborne in Holland, through painstaking research on the site of each of the
101st's battles, plus survivors stories, Whiting, perhaps Britain's most renowned
popular WWII military historian, provides an ideal companion for the viewers of
Steven Spielberg's celebrated $100 million TV series 'Band of Brothers'.