Airborne Forever Johnny Peters

Paperback 208 Pages. 18,95 euro. ISBN=978-90-79763-06-1. Published by "White Elephant Publishing".
Johnny Peters (b. 1923) was one of the tens of thousands of Allied servicemen who left hearth
and home on or around 17 September 1944 to take part in Operation Market Garden, one of the
biggest air landing operations of all time. Johnny fought not just for his life but also for
the freedom - although this was to come too late for many of his comrades.
Apart from taking part in the Battle of Arnhem, Johnny participated in operations during the
Second World War in North Africa and Italy (Operation Husky) and was involved in the liberation
of Norway (Operation Doomsday). In this book he talks about his youth in Liverpool, the depression
years of the 1930s and his straightened family circumstances, his ambitions as a soldier and his often
gripping and moving war experiences. Johnny is a "Red Beret" in heart and soul - neither reckless
nor timid: "Nec temere, nec timide". But he was also a proud family man with boundless energy,
a zest for life and a great, unflagging sense of humour.