1st Edition PB 1992

Operation Market Garden Book

Edition PB 1993-Compiled by Dick Beumer-57 Pages

Operation Market Garden Book

Paperback. Published in the USA by "Headquarters, Army Air Forces
Washington DC". Printed by "Center For Air Force History Washington DC".
Compilation from various reports from the 1940's. ISBN number 0160381355.
Originally written and published by the Headquarters, Army Air Forces, Office
of Assistant Chief of Air Staff, Intelligence, in the 1940s, it discusses the
role of air power as the Allies attempted to penetrate German defenses at the
Siegfried Line in 1944. Although this publication deals primarily with the role
of the American Air Force in delivering the Airborne troops to the battlefield,
there is also a section entitled "The Epic Struggle of the 1st Airborne Division".
This narrative was supplied by a Lt. Bruce E Davis who was an American Air
Officer. He was originally tasked to operate as a CGI controller in the
Arnhem area of operations. Davis ended up with the 1st Airborne at the
Hartenstein and took part in the fighting in and around this area. He was
evacuated across the Rhine when the Division pulled out.

Other Edition:
2nd Edition. Paperback. Published in 2004 by "University Press of the Pacific".
Printer N/K. ISBN number 9781410214942. Same cover as 1st edition.

Note: This book is translated into Dutch by Dick Beumer and Published in 1994
under the title 'Luchtlandingsoperaties in Holland'(See 1994)