1st Edition SB 1967

Operation Market Garden Book

In this Booklet of 39 pages some welknown persons give their opinion about
Lt/Col. Boeree and the research work he has done related to the Battle of Arnhem
and the municipal of Ede during wartime.
This book is half Dutch/half English written.

The contributers are:
Prof. Dr. L. de Jong - Historian
Dr. H.J. van Eck - Province of Gelderland
Dr. P.J. Platteel - Burgomaster of Ede
Mr. D. Matser van Bloois - Burgomaster of Renkum
Gen. Sir John W. Hackett - Commander 4th Para Brigade in the Battle of arnhem
Gen. R.E. Urquhart - Commander 1st Airborne Division in the Battle of Arnhem
Major-Gen. H. Essame - 43rd Wessex Division
Cornelius Bauer - Writer
Lt/Col G.J. van Ojen Jr. - Hoofd Sectie krijgsgeschiedenis Koninklijke Landmacht