1st Edition 1948

Operation Market Garden Book

Paperback comic. First published in Holland in Dutch in 1948. Publisher and printer N/K.
Written by Peter Age Veldheer. No ISBN number.
This comic book tells the story of the Battle of Arnhem in 302 pictures which were
drawn by the author.

The Author 1931-1989
Peter Age Veldheer was an artist for the Bell Studios. He drew five small 'Tarzan' books
("beeldromans") in 1949, although the fifth was never released. He then started a war series,
but only one book appeared, 'De Slag om Arnhem'. He also wrote detective and adventure books
under the pseudonyms Pieter Brando and Rex Randell.

In 1991 a reprint was issued by the antiquarian bookshop "Reinaert & Co." in Appingedam.
No other details known at this time.